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How long should my jump rope be?

Double unders are one of my favorite agility exercises.  There is something very satisfying about doing 25+ double unders in a row; it really gets your heart pounding!  One question many people always ask is how long should their jump rope be?   According to jumprope.com:

Generally, the proper rope length is determined by your height as follows:

Length Suitable For
7 ft. up to 4'10"
8 ft. 4'11"-5'3"
9 ft. 5'4"-5'10"
10 ft. 5'11"-6'6"
11 ft. over 6'6"

To determine the exact length for an individual, stand on the center of the cord.

The handle tips should reach your armpits. When you jump over the rope, the rope should just brush the floor beneath your feet. If the cord doesn't touch the floor, the rope is too short. If the cord hits the floor in front of your feet, the rope is too long and should be shortened.

The size chart and the individual method are general...optimum rope length ideally depends on how high you hold your arms as you turn the rope with your wrist, thus check where it hits the floor and make any minor adjustments.

Remember as you're jumping: the Crossfit gold standard for double unders is 2:00 minutes straight without messing up!


Are you injured?

I've been lucky with injuries throughout my athletic career.  More than often, my biggest complaint is chronic soreness cured by a few days rest.  By the end of the summer I had A LOT of low back pain.  I dialed down my training and started stretching like a mad man but but it never got better.

Fast forward to mid-October, after visiting a sports chiropractor I had started to feel better (he told me I needed to stabilize and strengthen my abs--and I agree it was an area I had neglected).  I should've knocked on wood after telling my chiro that I felt great.  I re-injured myself doing Back Squats and thought my days of heavy lifting were over.

I looked all over the CrossFit message board for people who were dealing with the same issues.  It turns out, I was not alone and I found a link to a post from Mark Rippetoe that offered a solution to my problem.   I used this protocol and felt better after 10 days and was back in the gym working hard after two weeks (PR'ed Jackie by 44 seconds!)  I think my injury was a result of weak abdominals, poor sitting position (have you ever seen the way lifeguards sit in their stands), overstretching, and not enough consistent strength training.  I'm working on fixing these things to avoid anymore speed bumps in my training.


CrossFit: 18 Minutes and 48 Seconds of Hell | Nerd Fitness

Here's a great minute by minute recap of Steve from Nerd Fitness' first Crossfit WOD.  Go Steve! Don't let it discourage you!

Yesterday, with the encouragement of my buddy Jordan and recent interviewees Brandi and Adam, I went to the Peachtree CrossFit Gym here in Atlanta for my first ass-kicking. For those of you who don’t know, CrossFit is a type of gym/crazy lifestyle where you have a specific exercise routine every day that you try to finish (with perfect form) as quickly as possible. Each day the routine is different, mixing in different exercises, building different muscles, and pushing your body to its limit in practically every way.

via CrossFit: 18 Minutes and 48 Seconds of Hell | Nerd Fitness.


Pics of John at Crossfit OTG.

John working out at the newly-opened Crossfit Off the Grid in EHT.

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Where are the scaled WODs?

This may seem like common sense, but when I first started following CrossFit, I neglated to click the link on the main page that says "start here."  Even after I did venture down that way, I couldn't find the "scaled WODs."  Call me stupid, call me old fashioned, but here are the CrossFit Brand X scaled WODs.

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