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MMS on iPhone comes early

According to a tweet from Mediate:

MMS Comes Early To Your iPhone (or, at least, mine) http://www.mediaite.com/mgbsq MMS has started rolling out to iPhones - 2 weeks early. RS 12

All I can say is I still don't have MMS on my iPhone.

UPDATE:  It seems there are a bunch of states with MMS enabled now.

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AT&T commits to MMS date… again.

So AT&T commits to enabling MMS software for iPhones on Sept 25.  As an iPhone owner I'm pumped.  But then I read an article on the NY Times page about iPhone users in big cities  currently having trouble receiving SMS or making phone calls during peak traffic times.  Forget about using 3g for data. Now instead of excited, I'm a little worried.  Why is Sept 25th so special?  If the network can't handle peak loads now, why do they expect it can on the 25th with MMS?

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Send MMS from iPhone workaround

This is more of a hack than anything.  I don't find this to be really annoying, but some people are really put off that they can't send or receive MMS on their iPhones yet.  Until AT&T gets it in gear, here's what I do.

For the people I would most likely send any type of MMS message, I add an additional email address to their contact in my phone book using their PhoneNumber@CompanyMMS.whatever.  Below is a list of domains US wireless carriers use:

Verizon vzwpix.com
AT&T/Cingular mms.att.com
Sprint/Nextel messaging.sprintpcs.com
T-Mobile tmomail.net
Virgin vmobl.net
Boost Mobile myboostmobile.com
Alltel message.alltel.com
Amp'd Mobile vzwpix.com

Hopefully AT&T makes MMS really happen this summer.

UPDATE: According to iphonefaq.org MMS won't be available until after the summer.

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